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Updated Feb 27 2013
  • Normal delivery is up to 2 weeks. T-shirts require at LEAST one week to manufacture. Please don't check about the status of a non-rush or non-express order less than two weeks after placing the order. If there is a deadline to meet, like a birthday or something, send an email message about it. But, don't be a pest, or the order might be cancelled.

  • Make sure that your subject line is unique. Add your last name, invoice number, or anything unique to make the subject line of your message different from all others. (Your invoice number in the subject line is best!) If your message is simply a reply to the standard email invoice, it may never been read because it is lost in hundreds of other messages.

  • You should receive a computer-generated, auto-reply to your email message within an hour. If you don't receive a reply, that's a good indication that something is wrong with the email address you listed, or your ability to receive email messages from Proud Shopper. These days, many people use spam filters that catch anything with the mention of "order", "purchase", etc. If you find a message from Proud Shopper in a spam trap, try adding to your "whitelist" of recognized senders. If you feel that email messages are not getting through to you, try sending a phone number by email if one was not included in your order.

  • Earthlink's spamblocker uses a manual verification before delivery of messages from a new source. People using Earthlink's spamblocker without previously allowing messages from will, most likely, never receive any messages.

  • Email - Users of Yahoo, Gmail, or other browser-based email services must cut-and-paste the following address into the "To:" box. (This is NOT a web URL! Don't try to paste it into your web browser URL box.)

    If you use an email reader on your computer (such as Outlook, NOT a web browser client like Yahoo), click here to send an Email message

  • Phone - NEVER phone first to inquire about an existing order! Send an email message first and wait for a reply. The phone is not permantly staffed, and this is not a phone-friendly company. A quick way to have an order cancelled is to be demanding.or threatening! If you still want to speak to the "Soup NAZI" :-), phone 2567510175. And, by the way, don't listen to the entire, long voice message, then hang up. What does that accomplish?